Chapter Twenty Eight

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The free web serial has now been taken down, but you can buy the collected episodes as a novella for the princely sum of 99c from either Smashwords or Amazon for the Kindle!

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Jason Coggins said...

This completely played out in my head like a comic strip. So very visual ... especially Two's headlight eyes illuminating the crypt as they go. Bring on next Tuesday.

Unknown said...

Yaaagh... poor Phillip. Ick. I'd hate to be him right now. :)

Another great episode. Two's handy to have around. ...The Meat Beast? Uh-oh. Can't wait for the next one!

ChloƩ P. Kovac said...

"Vaults punctuated the shelves in places". That's great that is.

Unknown said...

Decaying bodies, fresh coffins. That place has got to reek.
Love the eyelamps on Two.

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